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Dr Philippe Chout plastic surgeon

Dr Philippe Chout, plastic surgeon

I have a real passion for my work. Unlike other medical disciplines, Cosmetic surgery is not just an exact science where all practitionners should deliver an identical result.When it comes to the facial harmony it may be appropriate to find someone who is not just a facelift specialist or a rhinoplasty specialist, but who would be able to combine harmoniously all the facial cosmetic surgery procedures. The cosmetic surgeon you will choose, as well as having expertise gained in medical science and surgery, must have a good taste and an intimate knowledge of Beauty, that may not be taught in the University or by scientific societies... I have been lucky enough to receive a special teaching directly from talented cosmetic Surgeons from varied countries, and I really noticed that when it comes to Beauty, Knowledge is good but may not be enough. It is a little bit like music where inspiration and delicateness in the execution and talent make a real difference...

I, Doctor Philippe Raphael Chout, am a French Plastic Surgeon established in paris since 1998, in as well London since 2001, and in Geneva. I was trained in France, at the Hospital Pitié Selpétrière, Paris VI University, where I graduated DES in plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in 1996, after a six years residency. During six years, I received and elite training in this broad surgical speciality : plastic surgery. I became then a senior registrar in Maxillo facial and plastic surgery department in West Paris University Hospital, at Ambroise Paré Hospital for two more years. I started my private practice in Plastic and cosmetic Surgery in 1998 in Paris, and then in London in 2001.

A truly international practitionner...

I am fully registered with the French Medical Council N° 7564900 in Paris I am qualified and registered as a specialist in plastic reconstructive surgery .

My consultations and operations in France take place once a month at the Clinic des Champs Elysées in Paris, located 17 rue de Milan, take place on Thrusday and Friday.

Before cosmetic surgery...

The consultation booking is done via email. Finding the right Plastic Surgeon is frequently a difficult undertaking. The consultation is a crucial moment and quite often two or more preoperative consulations are necessary. Consultations with Dr. Chout are long (usually on hour) because Dr. P. Chout believes that an informed and educated patient is best prepared for surgery. It is the right time to express all your needs and concerns.

At the Consultation Dr. P. Chout will examine you carefully, discuss the procedure thoroughly, discuss your expectations review the options; assess your suitability; make the goals the risks and benefits perfectly clear; make sure that you understand surgery limits side effects and the lenght of recovery time. Dr Philippe chout believe that aesthetic surgery should be reserved ot emotionnally stable financialy secure patients whith realistic expectations...
Finally he will recommend the procedure (if any) he judges to be right for you considering effectiveness, safety, and cost. During the consulation you should express all your needs and concerns, and feel comfortable with his explanations and recommendations. You are always welcome for a second or a third consultation prior to surgery. Before a facial surgery procedure at least to or three consultations are necessary. Dr Chout advises you to never accept a "just you leave it to me" attitude from a surgeon, neither a too short consultation from someone who seems not available.
Doctor Philippe Chout is an international busy practitionner, but above all he is a caring physician who will take the time to explain in detail what you can expect before, during, and after your surgery. Only Dr. Chout will perform your procedure even if he operates with one of his partners. All of his surgeries are performed in a fully accredited, state-of-the art surgical centre and he works only with a team of highly qualified and experienced Anaesthesiologists and Nurses to make certain that you are receiving the highest quality care.

After the first consultation...

It is wise to meet your Surgeon at least twice before the operation. After the first consultation always receive a long and detailed letter summarizing the content of the consultation diagnosis, a treatment proposal, a price estimate and recommendations as well as detailed schedule of consultations. Pre and postoperative prescriptions as well as information forms about the procedures will be attached. A second consultation will take place when you will feel ready. Once you became our patient, then it is always possible ( and easy) to have a phone conversation with your private surgeon. It is extremely important end very re-insurring to have the possibility to be in touch vie text messages or mobile phone with your surgeon. Consultations, at least the first are always charged.

After the Operation : surgery aftercare...

We can dedicate a private Nurse to each patient, so that in the Hospital or at home patients have a direct contact with the private Nurse and with Dr. Philippe Chout. Every operation even the simplest one ( ie. a mole removal) involve at least a local anaesthetic and a certain delay in recovery. There is no miracle in aesthetic surgery nor in cometic medicine! The old saying "no pain no gain" seems to be true ! There is no miracle cream, no miracle pills and no magic intervention with no inconvenience. This just does not exist. Your surgeon will make sure that inconvenience is minimal though. Plastic surgery is a peculiar speciality because post operative care is part of the actual treatment. To such an extent that most of the professionals would do the first dressings themselves. Patients should always consider that even routine post-op care (such as changing dressings and monitoring healing) could be necessary for several weeks. Results are always delayed must be available patient and realistic...

Dr. Philippe Chout has one priority: making sure that your surgery is safe and that your results are natural.

AESTHETIC SURGERY : Dr Philippe Chout plastic and cosmetic surgery operation range includes facelift /neck lift, brow lift and temporal lift, model lift, eyebag removal and eyelids rejuvenation surgery by blepharoplasty, nose reshaping surgery by rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or reduction, ear pinning back otoplasty, fat transfer procedure or fat removal surgery with liposuction and liposculpture, breast augmentation or enlargement with implants, breast reduction and breast uplift surgery, tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, thigh or arm lift, buttocks lift, mole removal and scar revision. VASER liposelection and Smartlipo are the latest promising technology for body contouring.

MALE COSMETIC SURGERY : I do not do intimate surgery for male (penoplasty) nor hair replacement, but I like to perform cosmetic surgery on gentlemen. The typical patient is a business man aged between 40 and 60 who want to stay fit and preserve his power of seduction.The operation often asked and done on these very busy persons with usually a tight schedule are: Eyelids rejuvenation (blepharoplasty), facelift, liposuction to the abdomen, love handles, neck and chin. The rhinoplasty and the chin augmentation are also very popular.

AESTHETIC MEDICINE : Doctor Philip Chout non-surgical techniques include skin resurfacing prescriptions, skin peels, lasers, dermal fillers for collagen replacement, derma roller needling, often using hyaluronic acid ( for example Juvederm Tm, Perlane Tm or Restylane Tm and muscle relaxing injection with botulic toxin (Botox Tm).

My speciality is the Beauty Design that is to say the facial Beautification.

I have a passion for beauty and an excellent understanding of aesthetics and lectures worldwide about it. This sepcial understanding of the rules of natural Beauty has lead me to create the concept of "Beauty Design". Some women (25-40) who are considering having an operation done in order to improve globally the appearance of their face, and reveal their true Beauty may be suitable candidates.

Beauty Design's goal is to reveal your inner Beauty. Nevertheless not everyone is suitable for a Beauty Design. Each clinical case displayed in video is specific, and you should not identify yourself to any of them in particular, or assume that what has been achievable for them may automatically be achievable for you.

The concept of "Beauty Design" was created in 2002 in order to describe the aim of a surgical operation whose goals is to create "Beautyfication" as opposed to "rejuvenation". Rejuvenation is to restore an individual original features which have been altered by time (for example a 45 -70 year old person may undergo a Rejuvenation procedure). Its aim is not to create something that did exist previously. Many Plastic Surgeons are effcieient at rejuvenating aged faces after 55 year old via Facelift or Brow lift or blepharoplasty : as these are common operations. Fewer surgeons only are good at global beautyficication on a 30 something lady and using the common rejuvenation technique to Beautyfication do not produce Beautiful faces. Conversely, Beauty Design is a rare and creative attitude : revealing a young individual's natural Beauty which has previously been hidden by unbalanced features such as a large nose, a small chin, flat cheeks, hollowed eyes, dropping eyes , tired appearance or a dull and uneven skin. The challenge is to do it in one surgical operation only. Hence we are litteraly creating something new - this may require additionnal skills such as creativity and taste that are not as important in other cosmetic surgery procedures. Each person is different and therefore each Beauty Design is different. The goal is not to produce carbon copy faces, it is to create an original beautiful face which would look so natural that nobody would ever to guess that some surgery has been involved.

To Create natural Beauty, truly is the ultimate art.

AESTHETIC MEDECINE : techniques non surgical treatments can be performed in the consultation room as a walk-in procedure with a topical anaesthetic cream or a dental block anaesthesia. Doctor Philip Chout non-surgical techniques include skin resurfacing prescriptions, skin peels, lasers, dermal fillers for collagen replacement often using hyaluronic acid ( for example Juvederm Tm, Perlane Tm or Restylane Tm and muscle relaxing injection with botulic toxin (botox Tm).

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